Policy and Procedure

Availability/Reservation Requests

Reservations are taken over the telephone at 770-587-1544 or (cell) 404-217-9391. If you reach voice mail please leave your name and number and I will return your call promptly. 

Reservation Requirements

All reservations require a valid MasterCard , Discover or Visa.  In the unlikely event of theft or damage the amount needed to repair or replace the damage will be charged to the credit card. A full name and address are required for the confirmation and directions to be sent via e-mail, fax or mail to the address provided. Also a home, work or cell number in the event of a reservation emergency. 

Deposit Requirements & Payment

For reservations made by credit card, 50% of your total stay is charged to your card the day the reservation is made. The remaining 50% is charged to your card 10 days prior to your arrival. Payment in full is requested when making a reservation within 30 days of check-in. Do not mail a check as payment for the balance due. The total balance is made up of the nightly rate plus sales tax and a one time cleaning fee. The cleaning fee is one time only regardless of 2 nights or 10 nights stay. If you want to use a different credit card for the final payment please contact us prior to the date the balance is due. We do not accept personal checks. If you desire to pay cash we suggest using your debit card. Since these draw directly from your account you are essentially paying with cash. 


All reservations are subject to our 30 day cancellation policy. Once a deposit is made and subsequently the unit is officially booked, all cancellations made more than thirty (30) days prior to your arrival will result in a refund of your deposit minus 10%. If you cancel your reservation less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival date then no refund will be made; however , it can be rescheduled and use 100% of the deposit. If you cancel your reservation within seven (7) days prior to arrival date, then no refund will be made and the reservation cannot be rescheduled. A rescheduled reservation, if canceled, will not receive any refund. Any canceled reservation must be rescheduled within one year of the cancellation date. If the reservation is not rescheduled within the year, then the deposit will be forfeited. 

Check In/Out

Check in time begins at 4:00 p.m. EST. While we make every effort to have your cabin ready promptly, during peak season , there may be a slight delay and your patience is appreciated. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. EST. An additional night stay may be charged for late check outs. Please read the departure instructions posted in the unit. If these procedures are not followed, an excessive cleaning fee may be charged. 

Door Code

The front door has a keypad and a code will be given to you. If you have any problems please call Steve at 770-587-1544 or 404-217-9391 or the housekeeper, Kati at 865-924-7903. You will also receive the gate code to enter Sherwood Forest Resort for "A Little Romance". 


Your cabin will be inspected prior to your arrival to ensure that all equipment is in good working order. In the event of a mechanical failure, we will make every effort to have all reported malfunctions corrected as soon as possible. We will not give replacements or refunds in the event of failure or absence of any item or for any public utility including television service. No refund will be given for early departure. During the Winter season, we do suggest that you bring a four- wheel   drive vehicle or chains for your two-wheel drive vehicle. You are responsible for the entire booking once your reservation has been made. If you plan to drive over the mountain from Cherokee on Hwy 441, I recommend you call 865-436-1200 to check weather info and road closings. If closed the alternate route is 90 miles. 


Occupancy and use of the rental home shall not disturb or offend neighbors and nearby residents. If guests are found to be having a party we have the right to terminate the rental and ask disruptive guests to leave the premises. No refunds will be given. Local fire codes have established maximums for all units. Please adhere to these maximums. You must be at least 21 years of age to make a reservation. Guests assume full responsibility for all damages, excessive cleaning charges, or any missing items including linens and towels. 


No pets allowed. If a pet is found to have been in the cabin a $200 fee will be charged + any amount necessary for cleaning or repair. 

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed inside the cabin or on the porches. If evidence of smoking is found in the cabin, a $200 fee will be charged. 

Hot Tub

The Hot Tub will be inspected after each rental. If any items such as food, alcohol, soaps or bath products, etc. are found in the Hot Tub, you will be charged an excessive cleaning fee of $150. Damage to the Hot Tub cover will result in a $350 charge. Covers should remain on the Hot Tub at all times when not in use. Children under the age of 16, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or skin sensitivities should not use the Hot Tub. Remove all jewelry before entering the Hot Tub. 


To light the fireplace, turn on the timer located on the front or side of the fireplace. From May 15 through September 15 fireplaces are not to be used. Please adhere to this policy. Do not attempt to alter the fireplace in any manner. The gas fireplaces and logs are designed to burn cleanly without emitting harmful carbon monoxide gas. Tampering with the settings or rearranging the logs can be very dangerous, causing the fireplace not to burn cleanly and thus emit carbon monoxide gas. Do not place any foreign objects in the fireplace or attempt to cook food or burn real wood. If you have a problem with the fireplace please call Steve at 770-587-1544 or 404-217-9391. 

Gas Grills

Cuddle Up and Lover's Lodge gas grills have propane tanks. The tanks last from a month to 3 months depending on use. There is no way to know when a tank will run out of gas and there is no one available to refill it. If the tank is empty it can be exchanged at the corner gas station in Pigeon Forge at light #10 or the Food City grocery near light #8. The cost is about $20.00. If you exchange a tank please mail me the receipt and I will send you a check for the amount plus $10 for your trip. If you prefer not to exchange the tank, both cabins also have charcoal grills in front of each cabin. A Little Romance has a natural gas line connected to it's grill. 

Emergency Contact

In case of emergency, such as no heat, no water, etc. please call me at either 770-587-1544 or 404-217-9391. For medical emergencies call 911. If you smell gas, leave the cabin immediately. Do not use a phone inside the cabin. Go to a neighbor's phone down the street and call 911. 

Customer Comments

 We hope you enjoy your stay in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. In an effort to improve our service we welcome any comments you may have about your stay. Please address your comments to: Emerald Ridge Vacations, LLC, 8499 Gulf Blvd,
Apt 1506, Navarre, Fl. 32566 or e-mail: stevenorthrup@mediacombb.net 

*Rental policies and rates are subject to change without notice.